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    5 Benefits Associated with Framing Your Art

    Framing artwork is a practice that has gone on for centuries, and no doubt will continue far into the future. Artworks that are framed allow the viewer to focus on the art itself, to consider the art together with its frame, and finally to witness the art and its frame in relation to its surrounding environment. It also serves as several levels or sources of physical protection of your precious artwork from a variety of environmental conditions and circumstances. The decision to frame your artwork can truly be a rewarding, engaging, and enriching experience. There are far too many benefits of framing your artwork to mention in this sort of…

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    How to Light Your Art and Decorations

    Why would you hang beautiful works of art in your home if no one can actually see them? Shadows, glare, and lighting that is uneven can all affect the ways in which your art can be viewed in your home. Having proper lighting tips and techniques can really brighten up your home and make it easier for visitors to see the art and decoration. You Want to Avoid Direct Light It’s best to place art on a wall that won’t get direct natural light. It’s alright if it’s a wall that gets indirect light, but over time, the UV rays can fade your art. Using Ambient Light Move the artwork…

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    Five Great Trends for Home Decor in 2018

    A new year is upon us, and it’s time for us to think about all of the great ways we can improve our home decoration. Art and photos with custom frames are always going to be great additions. However, here are some other great trends we are seeing for 2018. 1. Brass Accents You are bound to see the return to brass fixtures on any of the design shows on TV. Whether it’s an overhead light fixture or a cabinet door, brass is making a strong comeback, and it’s definitely something that you may want to consider for your home. 2.Black and White Art There is nothing more classy than…

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