5 Benefits Associated with Framing Your Art

Framing artwork is a practice that has gone on for centuries, and no doubt will continue far into the future.

Artworks that are framed allow the viewer to focus on the art itself, to consider the art together with its frame, and finally to witness the art and its frame in relation to its surrounding environment. It also serves as several levels or sources of physical protection of your precious artwork from a variety of environmental conditions and circumstances.

The decision to frame your artwork can truly be a rewarding, engaging, and enriching experience.

There are far too many benefits of framing your artwork to mention in this sort of post. Instead, here are five very important, wildly held benefits of framing your art.

1. First and foremost, framing your art protects it from many types of physical damage, such as from dropping an art piece. It also protects it from many sorts of physical impacts and vibrations in your artwork’s surrounding area, such as from opening and closing nearby doors.

2. Secondly, framed art is more easily handled and has much greater mobility than unframed art. This is a very useful and often an essential element when it becomes necessary to move your art pieces somewhere else, or to renovate or remodel one of your rooms.

3. Framing your art largely reduces the chances for people to directly handle your art with their bare, untrained hands. This also prevents many potential instances of people touching or coming into contact with the artwork inadvertently.

4. Well-selected frames can serve to enhance your artwork’s appearance without taking the emphasis away from your art. Such frames can complement the general aesthetic feeling or theme of your artwork, and can even draw the viewer’s attention back towards the art piece itself.

5. Last but certainly not least, it serves the noteworthy utilitarian function of protecting the artwork from environmental factors. There are many varieties of such environmental factors, but common culprits of artwork damage are light damage (e.g. faded colors, changes in chemical properties of your artwork’s medium), insect damage (e.g. holes in your paper artwork or stains), moisture damage from the air, and acid damage from airborne pollutants/acids and aged matboards and paper. Lastly, humidity is a significant problem because it leads to decomposing paper and a marked increase in the growth rates of mold.

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